My song, liten sang til det som er nærest, første utkast :-)

Ref: Every thing feels heavy,

You feel the days of pain

Wake up, do, perform,


The best there is, just hide away,

 just exist

 But, you are more than that

You more than good enough

Nobody can say anything about that

Be strong in your self, 

don`t let the mass do the mathe

Home will always be safe

open for retreat

But try to do a little pirouette

Battle after battle,

all defeats

Shadows of the courage

All you once had in you

The pressure from others

the way you should go

is not your dreams

everyting goes away


Other have pain, but they dont feel yours

You can not compare, it is all yours

The darknes is strong

The curtain goes down

Hope for a short day

And that the new one is bright

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